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I have never bought a domain this way. Not sure how things work.

This is completely understandable. A lot of our current existing clients felt the same way the first time. It is actually really simple. You want a domain you like - just simply put your best bid on it. If you are the highest bidder. the domain gets offered to you. You make the payment (same amount as your original offer) using our secure payment gateway and we transfer the domain in your name. It's that simple.

How do I get ownership of the domain after making payment?

Once your payment comes through, we will send you an email asking you to sign up with the domain's registrar. This is FREE of cost! You do that and give us the account number and we will push the domain in your account. You will enjoy exclusive ownership of the domain and have full rights. You can change the nameserver, whois info, mx records and everything else as the domain owner. 

Is this a single transaction or will I be charged again?

Yes, this is a one time payment and you are given exclusive rights to own and manage your domain. You will need to renew it before the expiration date at regular registration costs. You can keep the domain in any registry you wish.

 Is this a safe credit card transaction?

Yes, our payment gateway has the highest standard of security measures that are consistent with international information practices and are accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Credit card information is transmitted using 128 bit SSL encryption for processing by the credit card authority.

Do I have to keep the domain with your registrar? 

No you don't. As the domain owner you can have the domain moved to another registry after 60 days.


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