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What happens after I pay?

You are now entitled to full ownership of this domain. Within minutes you will receive a receipt with your order details. An email with transfer instructions will follow shortly. Upon completion of transfer you will become the new domain owner with full and exclusive rights to it. You will have complete access to the domain from it's registrar control panel. 

Are there any recurring or annual charges?

This a one off payment you are making to receive complete ownership of the domain. The only annual charge you will need to pay is the renewal fee with the domain's registrar which is roughly $10. We will only charge you once.

So this a one time payment?

Yes. You pay us only once and the domain is yours. Keep it as long as you want. Just make sure to renew the domain with the registrar (not us) for the usual renewal fee of approximately $10 per year.

How do I manage the domain after purchase?

Within minutes of your purchase you will receive a receipt of purchase. This will come to the email address used on the order form. You will promptly receive another email from our delivery team with transfer instructions. Please note: all communication regarding management of the domain will be sent to the email address supplied with the billing form when making payment.

Can I transfer the domain to my preferred registrar?

As a proprietary owner you are welcome to transfer the domain as soon as it is sixty days old.


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